ROI for your training dollars

Management often—and understandably—questions the return on their training dollars. Write-Logic addresses their concerns by providing three training options: classroom training, tutorials, and eLearning.

Need writing improvement for 1 employee or 100?

Our training options are scalable

Classroom Sessions for Technical Writing

Our classroom training programs are delivered as workshops—not lectures. The training is most often provided as a one-, two-, or three-day classroom training program. Call us (315-569-8563) to reserve training dates.

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In-Person Tutorials for Technical Writing

We are often asked if this training can be delivered as a tutorial. The answer is a resounding “yes.” Tutorials can be conducted in person, via webinar, or via teleconference. Contact us to design a training schedule that best suits your needs.

Online Learning for Technical Writing

The Advantages of eLearning:

  • It’s scalable. You can choose to send only 1 or 100 or more participants.
  • It’s versatile. It can be used for writing remediation or as part of your overall training curriculum.
  • It’s flexible. The company or the participant can choose the most appropriate module-submittal schedule:
    • Our standard weekly schedule
    • Our alternating-week schedule
Learn more about our eLearning option

Your employees will learn the science of technical writing: its methodologies, metrics, and strategies.

Multiday classroom-training and group eLearning discounts are available. Call us (315-569-8563) to discuss pricing for our various training options.

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